Dear Guests,


To survive the pandemic, Westwood has taught our horse a few new tricks. 


First, we rented a restaurant space on the pedestrian-friendly street corner of Fillmore and Greenwich (about 2 blocks away from our home location), where we built two beautiful parklets for our customers to sit and enjoy a meal and country music.  Second, we purchased a smoker and devoted hundreds of hours to perfecting a BBQ menu, which we now proudly offer our customers for walk-up or delivery. Third, we've curated a selection of fun merchandise that we've available on our website to purchase.


This is a difficult time for many of us in the service industry. We know this pandemic has affected all of us in some fashion, and we genuinely appreciate the support you give to us whenever you purchase food, drinks, or merchandise for our business. We are looking forward to moving back into our original home on Lombard Street as soon as we are allowed.  Come back and see you again soon!



Same Spirit, West Coast

Where country meets San Francisco

Westwood is a restaurant, bar, and live music entertainment venue featuring elevated food, crafted drinks, and tied together with beautiful decor and amazing music sung by mavericks associated with America's heartland. 

Westwood lives and breathes BBQ, burgers, and whiskey and believes that the food and drink coming from our kitchen and bar are the finest that can be found in these categories. in San Francisco.

Come by for the food, stay for the music.

3154 Fillmore Street, San Francisco

415 - 887 - 8575

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