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  • The Outlaw Membership

    Every year
    Limit to 100 members ONLY
    • July Bottle: Blanton Single Barrel Westwood
    • One Bottle Per Quarter
    • Member Only Pour: access our finest rare & allocated bourbon
    • 15% off of whiskey before 9 pm
    • Monthly tasting of rare/ allocated whiskey


What bottles will we be getting as part of the program? Bottles will vary as the year goes on. We promise to have something that will excite our members and keep them intrigued about what will be coming next. You have our word, our first release will not disappoint.

What if I move out of the area - can I cancel my membership or transfer it to someone else? All Membership dues are final. Members may cancel anytime but will remain active until the last release of the year. Memberships will remain in the original members name until canceled. Members can have someone pick up their bottles as long as the member has notified the club. (Justin, Sean, or Neil)

What if I’m not around on the pick-up date? We will hold bottles for a quarter just before the next release. It is encouraged to pick up your bottles as soon as you can. Please see FAQ 2.

How will the Westwood employees know I’m a member of the Smoked Spirit Society to give me the discount or access my bottle keep program? Members will be given a membership card. Members must present their membership card along with their ID for proof of membership.

How many/what are the rare/allocated whiskies I will have access to for the Member Pour? Westwood houses more than 180 whiskeys from all over the United States. Westwood has built meaningful relationships that have given us special access to some of the most prestigious whiskeys the US has to offer. Have something you've been wishing you could try, but havent had the chance? Stop by Westwood, odds are we probably have it.

What happens at the quarterly tastings of the rare/allocated whiskies? A special bottle will be out each month for whiskey members to drink. We will have special member pricing already programmed into our system for these allocated whiskeys. The 15% membership discount does not apply to the allocated whiskeys, since the membership pricing will already be factored in.

What if I want to buy extra bottles of the quarterly Single Barrel Select? Members will be able to purchase additional bottles at retail price. Members will be capped at 2 additional bottles per quarter.

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