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The Frisco box contains 4 x 2 oz samples of: Gold Bar, Glyph, J.H. Cutter, and Old Potrero.


Gold Bar: Herbaceous with spicy notes of clove on the nose balanced with slightly sweet vanilla and apple aromas. Starts with spice and apples on the palate balaced off with honey and fresh citrus. Overall light-bodied. Finishes smooth and balanced with no bitterness. 40%abv


Glyph: The first molecular whiskey, it has a pale amber color with aromas of vanilla, roasted hazelnuts, and hints of caramel & honey. The medium-bodied palate reveals a wider spectrum of wood & spice. Black fruit pokes its way through, but Glyph ends with a firm & earthy finish.


J.H. Cutter: Smooth, creamy bourbon mouthfeel with a distinctly rye backbone. A balance of spice and sweetness with soft stone fruit in the middle. 48% ABV


Old Potrero - Handmade fine grain new American oak barrels, lightly toasted in the traditional manner, impart a wonderfully subtle flavor. In the 18th century, barrels were made by heating the staves over a fire of oak chips, allowing them to be bent and formed into a barrel shape. During this process, the inside of the barrel would become toasted, but not charred. For aging, several uncharred oak barrels, both new and used, to achieve the balanced complexity that complements this whiskey’s traditional heritage. 51.2% ABV


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